Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the advantage of hiring Charleston’s Best instead of an individual?
A: Charleston's Best is licensed and insured. We have workers compensation insurance for all employees as well as pay all of their payroll taxes. Many homeowners are not aware of their potential personal liability for work related injury and social security taxes for independent home service workers. Charleston’s Best takes all of these liabilities so that you are free of this hassle and have some peace of mind as well. When your housekeeper is ill or away on vacation, we can offer you a fill-in housekeeper during this time if you like. You will never have to scramble to get your house clean! We are here to make your life easier. We will be at your home when promised and guarantee what we do!

Q: Is Charleston’s Best a chain or a part of a National Franchise?
A: No, Charleston's Best is a local Charleston company, operated by local residents of the community. Since the 1990's, we have been devoted to providing excellent cleaning and customer service.

Q: What will I need to provide?
A:  We provide all cleaning solutions needed to clean and disinfect your home. We only ask that you provide 4 things.  Furniture polish if you want it used (you should always use the same kind of polish—we could never carry everyone’s choice) 2. A mop – either a Libbman twist mop or a flat mop (Lowes carries both).  This is the most sanitary solution for your home.  3.  Stainless steel polish if you have stainless, and 4. Ceramic flat top stove cleaner and polish if you have this type of stove.  We provide good filtration canister vacuum. We will use yours if you request, however, you will need to provide bags. You may provide products if you like however; we will not be able to take responsibility for their results.

Q:  How do I pay for my cleaning?
A:  Payment is due when services are performed.  You may leave a check or cash at your home or you may keep a credit card number on file that will be billed for each cleaning.  You will receive a receipt via email after each charge.  As a token of our appreciation, we will credit your account $20.00 for each referral that becomes a new recurring customer.  All bank charges as a result of NSF will be billed to the client at $30.00 per occurrence.

Q:  Do I have to be home when my housekeeper comes?
A: Most of our customers are not home during our cleaning. They either provide us with a
key or lock box access and alarm code if necessary. If you choose to be home to let us in,
we will give you a specific time (to vary about 30 minutes) that we will arrive.  If you have a
morning appointment it is usually around 8:30-9:00 and afternoon appointments are usually
around 12:30-1:00 pm. If we are scheduled to clean your home and are locked out, you will be
automatically charged a $15.00 lock out fee. We prefer a lock box that is placed in an inconspicuous area of your home – you are then able to place the key in on the day we are coming to clean and remove as you choose.

Q: Will I always have the same housekeeper?
A: Our goal is to provide you with the same housekeeper each visit. This allows some personal attention to your specific details. There are occasional changes in housekeeper due to illness, day off, vacation, or they may no longer work for us. In the event of a change in housekeeper, you will be notified and your new housekeeper will be instructed of any details that are specific to your home. We extensively train all of our housekeepers so that the consistency of cleaning will remain the same.

Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule my cleaning?
A:  We do everything we can to accommodate each customer when they need to reschedule.  You simply need to call the office and let us know as far in advance as you can.  The same is true if you need to cancel due to vacation, or illness.  We do ask that if you or a family member is ill that you reschedule your visit for the health of our housekeepers.  When your cleaning falls on a holiday, we will contact you and do everything we can to reschedule a time that is convenient for you.  

Q:  Can I hire your housekeeper directly?
A: We spend a lot of time and resources finding, interviewing, reference and background checking, and training our housekeepers. When we hire them, they are required to sign a non-compete agreement barring them from working directly for a past or present customer.   However, if you still wish to directly employ one of our housekeepers it will cost you and your housekeeper $1500.00. We realize that you are both our most valuable assets, so we
charge accordingly.

Q:  Do I need to do anything before you come to clean?
A:  In order to get the best cleaning, we do recommend that you have the house "picked- up." De-clutter dressers and counters so that they can be cleaned more thoroughly. If things are left in disarray, it may take your housekeeper a good bit more time and your price will reflect that. We request that during the summer your air conditioning be left on or lowered while our housekeeper is in your home.  If the a/c is programmed off during the day or if you forget to leave it on, we will run the a/c while we are cleaning and return it to the previous setting when we leave.  If there are mechanical problems with the unit or if it should not be run please let us know.  If you have a room or area that you do not want us to clean, please close the door and leave a note.  Normally, if a door is closed without a note on it we will clean that room as scheduled.

Q:  What if I’m not satisfied with something?
A:  With our satisfaction GUARANTEE, if you are not satisfied with your cleaning, please contact us within 24 hours so that we may make arrangements to re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge. We will do whatever we can to give you an honest and fair resolution to any problem.